So dat me ^

I haven’t got a fancy blogger photo and this one pretty much encapsulates what I’m about, and what I’m about is ice cream.

A retail manager and Instagram stalker by day, and come to think of it I’m still both of those things at night too.

I completed my Bachelor of Communications (Advertising) in 2013 and have gone on to pursue endeavours in copywriting, social media content creation and personal shopping and styling, whilst developing a career in retail.

A bit of a change in my career path, has lead me to a career leading and training teams, and driving commerciality and customer experience in successful international retailers.

In reality what this means is that I find shopping an absolute nightmare as I’m constantly thinking “If I saw my team doing something like that…” *angry man yells at cloud fist*.

Anyway, why I leant towards that career path was that I just genuinely like making people feel good about themselves by finding something for them to wear, or simply being there when they decide that they actually do want my help (despite a little rudely denying help in the first place).

Blogging about makeup, beauty and fashion, and what makes me feel good is essential what this project is all about. This will be a personal style, beauty and opinion blog about stuff I buy, things I love and things that annoy me about the retail, beauty and fashion industry.

If you’re here for $3,000 handbags and 14 step skincare regimes and that promise skin more youthful than your three year old cousin than you’re going to be disappointed, but if you’re down for some self deprecating humour, awkward poses and over excited blog posts then… you might still be disappointed.

That there was the first of many self deprecating joke attempts.

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