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Outfit Post: Black, White and Gold

I’m not too adventurous when it comes to the colour platte of my outfits, but at the same time I also don’t really like wearing the same outfit twice so I’m always looking for less basic, basics. I know, it’s ridiculous.

Whilst I am traditionally a black t-shirt and black jeans kind of girl when it comes to my day off work outfits, I’ve recently started trying to put a bit of extra effort in, but attempt to make it look like I haven’t thought through every part of my outfit. Trying to look cute is exhausting sometimes.

I wore an outfit this weekend that I’m pretty sure I’m going to outfit repeat until every person I know has seen it. I know about 7 people so who knows how long that will take. There’s nothing revolutionary about this outfit. It’s a white blouse, and black pants but the styles, the way they both fit, and the fabrications just really work for me.


I’m pretty in love with the top from this outfit. Whilst I love white, I’m far too clumsy to bother spending big money on white basics so I like to have a few inexpensive white tops on rotation and this silky, white blouse from Glassons is definitely going to fast become one of those pieces. I love the white shirt look but I feel like it can often look too corporate so this cropped style is perfect as the clasps and the tie make this look a little more playful than corporate. It also works well with a little black bralette or body chains (or just with the choker/body chain hybrid that I’m wearing in the shot), to amp up the look a little. This top also comes in grey which I think I probably HAVE to buy. Being pretty vertically challenged the length of this top is also perfect for anything high-waisted which I am very much about so lots of my go-to bottom options match perfectly.

I paired this top with my new favourite pair of black pants. I’ve only recently found a pair of black pants that suit my body shape, which is pretty much summed up by the meme ‘Body type: Not terrible, but definitely enjoys pasta’. I’m pretty self conscious of my belly, bum and thighs, essentially like most women, but as I am also short, buying pants is always a bit of a difficulty. I picked these up from Forever New and they are amazing for anyone who struggles with the big gap at the back of their pants because their bum requires a bigger size than their waist. This style has an elastic waist band around the back, but a button and zip closure at the front. I do roll up the bottom of the pants due to my aforementioned lack of height but I like the way they look rolled up so I’m not too fussed.

It has well and truly begun to be jacket weather so I added my Forever New distressed denim jacket which is the perfect shade of blue, and is about as adventurous as I get in the way of adding colour to my outfit. I probably don’t need to explain why a denim jacket is a staple particularly to a winter outfit, so, yeah, I won’t.

All you’d need to add to this outfit to make it a bit more night time is a red lip and heeled boots, and all of the pieces in it are super wearable to cost per wear is nice and low for those of us that like to enjoy the simple things in life like paying rent or buying overpriced lunches.

I accessorised with a black belt that has a gold ring buckle which has become a staple, particularly with these pants, my favourite black Tony Bianco boots and gold jewellery. In hindsight I kind of look like a pirate with the black, white and gold ensemble, but a cute private, yeah?

Top and earrings: Glassons

Pants and jacket: Forever New 

Boots: Tony Bianco

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