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Winter Footwear

Oh man do I love Winter. I have been so disappointed that the weather continues to be over 25 because I’m just not that keen on sweating or shaving my legs or really doing anything that even slightly inconveniences me. Look, it mainly comes down to the fact that I have bought some excellent wintery stuff and haven’t been able to wear it. I am very much about instant gratification so if I buy something and can’t wear it instantly it makes me sad and makes me reevaluate my excessive spending, which it probably should. Obviously not enough to return anything, because returning stuff is for quitters.

If you have me on Instagram you would have noticed that I have posted photos of new shoes a lot more than I really should for someone who doesn’t have Beyonce’s bank account. My theory is, if you post it on Instagram then your purchase is already worth it, which is clearly a super healthy mindset and not at all self destructive

I LOVE boots. Not only does wearing boots mean that I don’t have to worry about my chipped toe nail polish, but they are just cute and make every outfit look like you’ve put in more effort than you actually did, which is pretty much my style. This year I decided that I wasn’t just going to stick to black boots and venture out of my comfort zone and try the unthinkable…colour and print, obviously after I got a black pair first because I’m not that reckless.

My Winter shoe collection started with some Tony Bianco bad boys. I went for a western, pointed style, with a low heel and some silver hardware. I’m short so I love at least a bit of a heel to make me feel normal and help keep my Short Man Syndrome at bay. I got these boots for a little less than half the original price to I essentially made money. If you’re going to splurge on any part of your Winter wardrobe it should definitely be on a pair of black leather boots. They are a big part of my wardrobe pretty much all year round, but when my outfits get more and more lazy in winter they are the easiest way to make it look like I didn’t sleep in any part of the outfit I’m wearing.

IMG_5435 (1)

Above shoes from Tony Bianco 

My decision to purchase my next pairs of boots didn’t really have much to do with a considered wardrobe choice, it had all to do with the fact that there was a sale and I have no self control. For the first time, I gave Public Desire a shot. Ordering shoes online always makes me a little anxious but I was not disappointed. I purchased an above ankle, high heeled pair of fake snakeskin boots and they are insane and I love them. These will 100% be man repellent which is an even better selling point because dressing for boys in pointless. I also purchased a black suede high heeled pair with red and green embroidery which is enough of a nod to Gucci’s embroidery without it looking like I care too much about not being able to afford literally anything Gucci, which probably has something to do with the fact that I spend all of my money on impulse purchases. I love oversized t-shirt dresses in Winter as well as black jumpers with denim skirts so I wanted shoes that would do all of the talking without me having to take a huge life risk of wearing any coloured clothing.


Above shoes from Public Desire 

Power dressing is something I’ve always felt is a little mature for me, but I’ve recently started to warm to the idea because I want it to look like I have my life together, I want to stop getting asked for ID and I want to stop people asking for the manager at work when I am in fact the manager. Without going the whole hog and investing in a power suit, I’ve opted to go for a heeled court shoe/ loafer thing. Honestly I’m calling it early but these are the best shoes I have bought and will buy for the year. They are comfy, super cute and make it look as though I’m the person who will demand a refund without proof of purchase and demand to speak to the manager. My favourite outfit that has been elevated (not just literally *pauses for laughter*) by these shoes is just a simple knotted black tee and black culotte combo. I feel more badass than Elle Woods proving that chick’s innocence with her perm knowledge in them, I shit you not. ~pop culture reference~~~~


Above shoes from Tony Bianco 

I’ve clearly gotten power hungry since getting those shoes and I didn’t want to give up that feeling even if I’ve had a long day on my feet. I also bought a flat pair of slide loafers so I can continue to feel super sassy but a few inches shorter so the sassiness is evened out as my Short Man Syndrome comes back when I’m in flats.


Above shoes from Forever New

I never know how to end these posts, so… well… bye!

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