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Shopping Tips: How to Make Shopping for Clothes a Whole Lot Less Shit

For someone who has a lot of clothes and works in retail, I really do hate shopping. I hate standing in a fitting room half naked waiting for a size, and I hate thinking about how many hours of work it took for me to afford an item. Shopping with a deadline or for a specific occasion is my worst nightmare.

Below I have a few tips that I try and alway use when shopping to make it a little less painful and help keep some of my self esteem in tact when undressing and dressing in unflattering lighting and in front of a gazillion mirrors, with sales assistance shouting “OMG babe! How does it look?!?”Obviously that’s a generalisation, as there are the rare occasions when you come across amazing sales people but that’s a blog post for another time…

The tips:

Wear the right underwear…

If you have a serious shopping day ahead of you wearing the right underwear makes the biggest difference. The amount of times I’ve gone shopping in unflattering undies that cut in the wrong places, or lace underwear that is detectible in pretty much anything is too high for my liking. Stick to seamless shapes and if you do need a bit of help, go for something with a bit of support or shape wear if that is something you’d usually do. Wearing a strapless or multi-way bra is also the best way to go, rather than a bralette or t-shirt bra as you may find a super cute little strapless number but end up leaving it because you couldn’t really tell how it was going to look when you’re wearing your least supportive but super comfy little Bonds bralette.

Bring the right company or none at all…

Okay, this does come with a few disclaimers. Do not just go clothes shopping with any old friend. You know the ones. The ones that wouldn’t tell you if you had something in your teeth because you’re not quite ~there~ yet. You want to take the friend (or mother or sister) that is almost a little too ruthless. The friend that told you to dump is cheating ass, or throws out the questions “Do you REALLY need that?” or “You’ve got something that looks exactly the same as that.” I often don’t take these people shopping with me when I’m just browsing because sometimes they can be a little too brutally honest, but taking these kind of friends in the last stages of deciding if you want something is super helpful. They’ll also be well equiped with the knowledge of what you currently have in your wardrobe or recent clothing disasters that we tend to forget when we are absolutely crushing hard on a new item of clothing.

“This will look better when I’ve lost a few kilos.” Nope…

DO NOT BUY IT if something about you has to drastically change to look good in a piece of clothing or an outfit. It’s all well and good to buy an item with the intention of losing some weight as a ‘goal’ but filling up your wardrobe with these pieces is just self destructive and is a slap in the face every time you see it. There’s a difference between knowing that shape wear will make an outfit look better and having to drop 5 kilos in 11 days.

Take a photo…

Mirrors aren’t always the truest reflection of what the outfit looks like, and lets face it, if the outfit is cute enough you’re probably going to want a photo in it eventually. My favourite is always to go for a mirror selfie but getting the sales assistant or your friend to take a picture of your outfit for you is a great way to either help confirm that you look absolutely bangin’ or allow you to shop around and be able to compare your outfits honestly.

Don’t wear annoying clothes or shoes…

This is a big one for me. I’m a pretty lazy shopper. Since I work in retail I don’t really tend to go on big shopping days, but rather just buy things on my break or from my work regularly. On the odd occasion that I do go on a big shop, or shop for a specific occasion, nothing annoys me more than if I’m wearing about 14 layers and annoying shoes. Keep it simple. Try not to overdo it with the layers and steer clear of lace or buckle up shoes because you’ll really start to rethink getting naked for the 1000th time purely to avoid having to put everything back on in a cramped fitting room.

Shopping can sometimes be the worst so this post will be a part of a series of posts on things I’ve learnt that make shopping a little more bearable, and help me to leave a shop with some self esteem still intact. Just enact enough to take a few dozen selfies and only use like two filters.

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