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Statement Earrings

I should have titled this ‘How To Make It Look Like You Spent More Thank 15 Minutes Getting Ready’ or ‘How To Make It Look like You Didn’t Sleep In That Outfit’. Obviously the answer isn’t a surprise given the actual title of this blog post, or maybe it is. SURPRISE! It’s about statement earrings.

I’m always torn between wanting to look polished, but also looking like I haven’t put a huge amount of effort in because putting in effort is lame. It’s not lame but all of those cool Instagramers that I envy seem to look so effortless and I literally over think all the things, and that overthinking usually starts every day with what I’m going to wear.


Earrings above from Forever New

Despite not wearing earrings for approximately 8 years, after dabbling in stretchers when I was super misunderstood and angsty, anyone that has me on Instagram knows that I have gotten around statement earrings. Almost too around them if that is such a thing. Statement earrings can take any basic outfit and make it look so much more polished, and add a bit of personality, for less than what you probably spent on lunch today.

Stores like Lovisa, Sportsgirl and Forever New have well and truly embraced statements earrings and have definitely fuelled my obsession. Two styles of earrings that I can’t get enough of are the celestial designs, and minimalist earrings in simple silver or gold. At the moment, if it has a star or a moon on it, I’m probably going to buy it. I wish I was joking. Today I bought earrings from Lovisa in both silver and gold in the exact same design because they had stars on them. I’m not proud of myself. They were part of a 3 for $15 deal though so I essentially made money.


Earrings above from left to right: Lovisa, Sportsgirl, Forever New

If you’re new to a statement earring, start off with something in a minimalist style. Think simple drop earrings or a small geometric design. Wearing your hair down will help you ease yourself into making statement earrings less scary. That’s if you are scared. Maybe I was just the only one that was scared of statement earrings. I’m not scared anymore though, clearly.

Statement earrings are also the best way to recycle an outfit. When the aim of my statement earring is to update an already instagrammed dress, I make sure they are as obnoxious and sparkly as possible for obvious reasons. The more obnoxious no longer means that they’ll be more expensive so you can update your outfit for about $20 so you have more money to spend on food after you leave wherever it is that you’re going.


Earrings above from Lovisa

The next time you try on 14 outfits and end up with the LBD that you’ve worn about six times with the same people, give up on your wardrobe and chuck on a statement earring, check yourself out for a while and keep brushing your hair behind your ears so that you force people into giving you compliments.

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